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Announcing Murder Mountain

Due to the overwhelming demand we are thrilled to announce the release of Murder Mountain this December—just in time for Christmas! As you know, Murder Mountain is the very first book in the CeeCee Gallagher series. This is where you … Read More >

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Who is the Real Devil in the Closet?

Although fictional, The Devil’s Closet was inspired by an actual case that I investigated during the course of my law enforcement career. It is said that all law enforcement officers have that one particular case that becomes permanently embedded in their memories-and souls. Read More >

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The Real Mary Jane’s Grave

The basic legend of the grave (started by a nearby campground) is that a witch, Mary Jane, was hung from the large, old, pinetree that is situated in the center of the graveyard. Right after her death, a cross mysteriously formed Read More >

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Behind Murder Mountain

It’s funny how life changes directions. There was never a future for me that didn’t include law enforcement, or so I thought. Little did I know that would all change.

Working road patrol at the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Mansfield, Ohio, in July, 2004, our shift was running all over the county responding to robberies, domestic assaults, sexual assaults, etc. It was incredibly hot, which seems to bring out the worst in society. Halfway through the shift, an ATL (Attempt to Locate) was put out over the radio. The dispatcher gave a vehicle description and said a man driving the vehicle had numerous weapons with him and was holding his wife and baby hostage. Of course, it was one of those lovely occurrences where I pulled into a nearby gas station for my daily cup of joe and literally almost ran into the suspect. Just my luck. Promptly arresting the man, I determined the wife and baby were unharmed and were not being held against their will. However, there were numerous weapons in the car along with an empty propane tank. After transporting the suspect to jail, I began to interview him, and what he told me was so utterly ridiculous, I laughed out loud. Unfortunately, I learned shortly after that most of what he said was true. Read More >

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