Stumbling Along the Beat

A Policewoman's Uncensored View into the World of Law Enforcement

Stacy Dittrich grew up in a family of police officers, including her father and  three uncles—her husband is also a police officer. In 1996, at age 23, she was hired by a police department in a small Ohio city as their first female officer. She had already served as a police dispatcher and auxiliary officer since 1992, and now launched herself into law enforcement with a vengeance. She did everything her male colleagues did, quickly proving herself a valuable addition to the force. She pursued fleeing suspects, investigated abuse and battery complaints, sought abducted and lost children, interrogated witnesses, confronted barroom brawlers, and faced down murderers during intense standoffs. After she ended her career with the department as a detective, Stacy later returned to work in her home town of Mansfield, a larger city, where she became a deputy sheriff.

She experienced a pivotal point in her career when she was shot at by a maniacal murderer whvo had just killed two innocent people, and the day a fellow officer was shot and killed. In this book, Stacy describes the emotional battle she undergoes each day she goes off to work, always aware that her two young daughters could be motherless one fateful day.

Stacy describes her feelings while investigating a brutal “shaken baby” case while seven months pregnant herself. And that’s only the beginning…

Stumbling Along the Beat also goes behind the department’s closed doors to reveal a shocking account of politics, greed, and sex that the public rarely sees. Readers will be moved, disturbed, and often amused as Stacy recounts her years in law-enforcement and revisits her most memorable cases.