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Literary Contact:
Claire Gerus, Literary Agent
The Claire Gerus Literary Agency | E-Mail

Film & Television Production Inquiries:
Michael H. Golland, Rosen Feig & Golland, LLP
9454 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 850, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: (310) 275-0562 |

Speaking Requests:
The Elite Speakers Bureau
Contact: Danielle Pierre (Email)

Stacy’s Speaking Topics Include:


  • Sex crimes, pedophilia, sex offender classifications, state laws
  • Kidnapping, abductions, amber alerts, missing children
  • Homicides & other violent crimes
  • Child abuse, neglect
  • Domestic Violence, spousal abuse, abuser profiles
  • Active shooter, school shootings, workplace killings
  • Bomb & death threats
  • Burglaries, Home Invasions, Robberies, car jacking
  • Bank Robberies
  • Suicide
  • Animal abuse, animal cruelty
  • Narcotics, illegal drugs, drug trafficking local, federal


  • Religious cults, groups
  • Serial killers, mass murderers, serial rapists
  • Public protests, civil rights groups
  • Drug houses, drug dealers


  • Crime scene investigations-what to look for
  • Police tactics, Police Use of Force
  • Vehicle pursuits, car stops
  • Surveillance, surveillance techniques
  • Search warrants, execution and probable cause
  • Law enforcement departmental policies, administration
  • Hostage, stand-offs, hostage negotiating
  • SWAT raids, tactics
  • Lie detectors, voice stress analysis machine
  • Interview, interrogation tactics for suspects
  • Jail, prison, corrections officers
  • Court cases, jury selection, court testimony
  • Judicial System from police officers’ standpoint
  • Dealing with mentally ill subjects


  • Corrupt police officers
  • High profile criminal cases
  • Slain police officers
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Racial profiling
  • Vigilante justice
  • Fatal vehicle accidents, car crashes


  • Victim advocacy
  • Incest, teen pregnancy
  • Identity theft, computer crimes
  • Computer predators, myspace, facebook
  • Crime prevention
  • Defensive driving techniques, driving safety
  • General security, safety tips, women’s defense tips
  • Children’s stranger dangers for parents

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