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Technology and Information Overload? I’m There.

Last week, due to events out of my control, I spent an entire week away from my computer, and did little on my Blackberry (an event that hasn’t occurred in years). At the end of the week something funny occurred. I felt relaxed. I felt better. I slept better. And, my mind didn’t feel like a washing machine in the rinse cycle that doesn’t have an off button. It made me really think about what my days consisted of over the last few years.
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Publishing Industry Hits a New Low with Snookie

This half-pint, Oompa-Loompa, whose claim to fame is doing failed gymnastic routines while drunk on a Jersey beach just made the NYT Bestseller List. Actually, she’s not even from New Jersey. Like the rest of the cast, she’s from New Yawk. This is a gal (I think. She doesn’t appear to be a tranny, but I could be wrong) who walks into a room with her stick-straight dark hair, (minus the poof), and captures the attention of those in attendance. Most think it is because of her uber celebrity status and hit show. I, personally, think that people immediately look at her and drop their jaws because they genuinely believe she is “Samara” from The Ring, or that creepy chick from The Grudge. They scatter in hoards with the notion that if they stay, their soul will be sucked out of their bodies and they will forever wind up with contorted faces.
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